Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.

Design and Development
Q1 How can I be sure that my idea or invention is possible and practical?
Q2 What do I need to tell you before you can begin my design?
Q3 How do I write a Functional Specification?
Q4 What steps are involved in designing a product?
Q5 How much will the design and development of my product cost?
Find out more about The Design Process
Intellectual Property Rights
Q1 How can I ensure that Project Electronics will keep the concept and details of my idea or product confidential?
Q2 What can I do to prevent my idea from being stolen or copied?
Q3 Who owns the IPR to the products you design?
Find out more about IP Issues.
Q1 Can you do the R & D work for free in return for a share of the profits from product sales?
Q2 How much will the finished product cost to make?
Find out more about Funding Issues.
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