AVR Design Service AVR Design Service
AVR Design Service Using AVR could reduce your costs!
At Project Electronics, we are always looking for better and lower cost solutions to your product development needs.
Atmel AVR technology is very advanced. Unlike most microcontroller architectures, which were originally developed 20 or 30 years ago, AVRs use state-of-the-art techniques to deliver high-performance solutions at down-to-earth prices.
A wide range of devices is available, from ATTiny to ATMega, and the even more powerful XMEGA range. AVR devices have numerous on-chip peripherals, which results in more function with fewer external components.
This means, if your product currently uses a number of logic chips, we could provide the equivalent functionality using less board space, while maintaining very low power consumption.
All devices are in-system programmable making for simple product upgrades. We handle the hardware and software.
Compared with competing products, such as MCS-51 and Microchip PIC, the AVR offers much faster operation with less code, together with very low power consumption, courtesy of picoPower technology. A shorter development cycle is typically required, because these devices were specifically designed to suit modern programming languages.
Contact us now for details of how you can profit from our experience.
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