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A full list of successful developments would be far too long to show here, so we have collected together a small sample to demonstrate the range and diversity of projects for which we have been responsible. To see more details, click on the pictures, or use the links on the right.
Some other projects we have worked on:
  • A 200g linear acceleration sensor
  • A laser speed measuring device
  • A Fuel Management System for light aircraft
  • A helm panel control system for luxury yachts
  • A digital nurse call system for a US distributor with 800,000 installed beds
  • A hands free intercom used in major high street banks, building societies & theatre ticket offices
  • An interactive touchscreen control station
  • A time delay reflectometer PSU
  • A road position warning safety device
  • An encoded infra-red communications link
  • A credit card operated electronic lock
  • Dealing room communication systems used in the city and around the world
  • A keyless, vandal-resistant security door
  • A solar-powered illuminated architectural paviour
  • Numerous AVR microcontroller projects
  • Various production aids & test equipment
  • And many more...
As you can see, the range of projects we undertake is very wide. With this level of experience behind us, we are confident that we will be able to meet, or more likely exceed, your expectations.
Golf Swing Analyser
A training device to help golfers to improve their swing.
Respiratory trainer
A device to improve respiratory health and fitness.
Washington Metro
ADA compliant upgrade for US underground rail network.
Fire Sprinkler Tester
An automatic test unit for fire sprinkler systems.
Grain Probe
A gadget to help farmers monitor the temperature of their grain.
Animatronic Dinosaur
Control system to provide realistic movements for an animated figure.
LED Pictogram
A highly visible direction indicator used on access control gates.
Currency Calculator
A unique calculator which makes currency conversion simple.
Permission has been granted by the relevant parties for the disclosure of information about the products featured on this website.
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Golf Swing Analyser Respiratory Trainer Washington Metro Grain Probe Fire Sprinkler Tester Animatronic Dinosaur